Freedom isn't free. 

We all know someone who has paid the ultimate sacrifice. Tell us about your candidate and they could benefit from our JustOne Project donation.

"It's our turn to help JUST ONE vet at a time, by putting a smile on their face and assisting with their daily struggle."


A portion of proceeds from the Mission 41 BattlBox will go to just one veteran in need. We need your help in finding this veteran. The JustOne Project is designed so that we can personally watch our donation have a positive, substantial impact for a vet in need, instantly, in real time, without any red tape or bureaucratic rules and regulations. With this method, we control who we feel is most deserving of a large donation, whether it be a homeless vet to get a roof over their head, a combat vet to get a new wheelchair, or just a struggling warrior to help with overwhelming bills.

We were honored to find a deserving vet last year with Mission 29, and we're looking forward to finding another one this year.

Make no mistake, we know that there are hundreds of thousands of vets that could use this money and are more than deserving of a helping hand. However, the JustOne Project ensures that we make a difference, one awesome freedom fighter at a time.

If you know of a veteran in need and would like to nominate them for this JustOne Project donation, send an email to [email protected] and tell us their story.

- The BattlBox Team

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